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Scripps Ranch Little League

Spring Registration Overview

Once again, it's time to register for Little League Baseball, and we would like to welcome you to the upcoming season. To register simply use the REGISTER link in the SRLL Website Registration Menu. 

2021 Spring Registration Window and Important Dates:

11/16 - Registration Opens
1/30/21 - Registration Closes
Assessments for MAPS - Intermediate - Early January
Practice Begins - Early February
Games Begin - Early March
Season Ends - June

T-Ball through Juniors:
100.00 league fee + 45.00 snack bar deposit

No charge for 2021

Registration Fees:

  • Challenger Division (for children ages 4-18 with mental or physical challenges) is $0.00.
  • All others (Little League, ages 4-12; Juniors, age 13-14; Seniors, age 14-16 will be charged $100.
  • All players age 4-13 will also pay a $45 snack bar fee. The snack bar fee will be will be refunded at the end of the season to those that fulfill the snack bar volunteer requirement.
  • Families wishing to register more than one child should register them all at the same time and will be given a $10 discount on each additional sibling.

If your child did not participate in the last Spring Season you will need to provide us with proof of your child’s age and your residency in the 92131 zip code at our walk-in registration day.

Walk-In Registration

Walk-In Registration time and place TBD.  

Proof of residency and age, as well as the other optional forms can be submitted by attending our walk-in registration, dropped off at The UPS Store (Between Vons & Public House 131) or mailed to the address below.

SRLL Registrar
10755-F Scripps Poway Parkway, #453
San Diego, California 92131

SRLL Spring Season Registration Refund Policy

  • All registration refund requests must be made to the registrar electronically by sending an e-mail directly to the league registrar at [email protected]
  • The maximum refund for registration fees paid by credit card will be the amount paid minus a $5 credit card processing charge. Fees paid by check do not incur this fee.
  • Late fees are not refundable.
  • 100% of all registration and snack bar fees (minus CC and late charges as described above) will be refunded for all requests received before the end of assessments.
  • A 50% refund of registration and 100% of the snack bar fees (minus CC fees and late charges as described above) will be refunded for all requests received between the end of the assessments and the start of the playing season.
  • No registration fee refund requests will be honored after the start of the regular season.

League Age

You can get more information about new rules at the national Little League Baseball website, which includes an updated chart for determining age. You can also use the official Little League Age Calculator for more information.

Spring Season Divisions

Little League is for children from LA 4-13. Children LA 4-11 will play on a baseball field with 60 foot base paths and children LA 12-13 in the Intermediate Division will play on a baseball field with 70 foot base paths. SRLL has seven separate Little League baseball divisions. The Juniors, Seniors, and Big League divisions use a baseball field with 90 foot base paths, leadoffs, and stealing. Scripps Ranch also has a Challenger Division for children LA 4-18 with physical and mental disabilities. More info about Challenger can be found on the Little League website.

An Overview of SRLL’s Divisions

T-BALL - All 4-year olds and most 6-year olds are required to play in T-Ball. Those 6-year olds who are more skilled are candidates for being advanced to Rookies. If you wish to request that your 6-year old be considered for Rookies, check the appropriate box on your registration form. In T-Ball, a soft “RIF”; (Reduced Injury Factor) ball is used. Pitching is not permitted (the ball is batted from a tee.) The players do not attend an assessment and there is no draft. In T-Ball, SRLL will attempt to accommodate a single request to have a child paired with a friend. SRLL also attempts to place players with others from their neighborhood/school area.

Rookies - Typically for 7 year olds. Special circumstances may exist to have a 6-year old play up in Rookies (see T-Ball above), or to have a 7-year old seek to be “drafted”; up to play in MAPs (the next level up from Rookies). If you wish to request that your 7-year old try out for MAPs, check the appropriate box on your registration form. Rookies uses a RIF ball which is slightly harder than that used in T-Ball. Rookies uses a pitching machine in order to provide a more consistent and fun experience for the children, as well as help the children to develop better batting skills and habits. The pitching machines are set at a lower speed than in MAPs. If a player is unable to put the ball in play after 5 pitches they will get to put the ball in play from a batting tee. The players do not attend an assessment and there is no draft. As with T-Ball, each child may make a single request to be paired with a friend, and we will try to place players with other children in their neighborhood/school area.

MAPs - (Machine Pitch) - Generally an 8-year old division. Players are selected in a “draft.”; 7 year olds who request in their registration materials to play MAPs will also be invited to attend the player assessments if space permits. All timely registered 8-year olds are guaranteed a place in MAPs unless they are drafted up to the next division. All divisions from MAPs to Majors have a post-season Championship Tournament, culminating in a World Series game played on closing day in which the Scripps Ranch National and American League Champions play each other.

Lower / Upper Minors and Majors - Placement in these divisions is based on a “draft.” Typically, 9 and 10 year olds play Lower Minors, 11-year olds play Upper Minors, and 12-year olds play Majors.  However, a child’s skill, not age, is the ultimate factor in deciding which division the child is selected to. 12-year olds are required to play Majors unless a special request is made and approved by Little League.  As the children progress through the divisions, the rules progress each year to allow such things as base stealing, stealing home, etc. Starting with Lower Minors, the children pitch to the opposite team. This season, we will be offering clinics for these emerging pitchers, to help them to learn to pitch, as well as to improve the quality of pitching, which will result in better and more accurate pitches for the batters, and a more fun game for all. Starting in Upper Minors, in addition to the post-season Scripps Ranch Championship Tournament, teams will be eligible to go to District 32 post-season play in the “Tournament of Champions.” In addition, the most skilled 9 and 10-year olds will be selected to represent SRLL in the Little League 9 and 10 year olds All Star Tournament.

Intermediate - The Intermediate Division, the first new program in Little League since 1999, bridges the transition from Little League (46/60) to Junior League Baseball on a full-size field (60/90). Placement in Intermediate is based upon the “draft”; and each Intermediate team is made up of 12 and 13 year olds with rules that are closer to conventional baseball, such as leading off bases, pickoff attempts, etc. For the Intermediate Division, there is a pitching distance of 50 feet and the distance between bases is 70 feet. SRLL Intermediate Division competes for the post-season Scripps Ranch Championship and District 32’s Tournament of Champions. In addition, this division will also yield an All-Star team to represent SRLL in the area wide Little League All Star Tournaments.

Juniors and Seniors Divisions - These divisions are for players league age 14 and 15-16 years old who want to continue their great little league experience. These divisions plays on a larger field with 90’ base paths (the same size as 8th and 9th graders play on at school) and utilize leading off, big barrel bats, metal cleats and full baseball rules, in a fun and safe environment.

In order to keep our Juniors Division competitive we ask all 14 year-old players that are not interested or eligible to try-out for a high school team this coming spring to play Juniors. Those 14 year-olds trying out for a high school team will not be included in the original Juniors draft, instead they will be put into a pool until the make-up of the high school team is announced. Those players making their school high school team will be eligible to play Seniors Division, but not Juniors Division. In the event a player does not make a school team, they will be given the choice to play either Juniors or Seniors. Those players choosing to participate in Juniors will be put into a special supplemental draft and accordingly placed on a Juniors team.

Seniors Divisions
The Seniors Division is for players league ages 14-16. This division's seasons begin immediately after the high school baseball season is over (middle to the end of May) and run for about 6-8 weeks. They will be travel leagues within District 32 Little League and include Tournament of Champions playoffs and All-Star competition.

Home games and practices will all be held at the Juniors Field at Community Park. All players age 15-16 registering are eligible to play Seniors and cannot play in the Juniors Division this season. Players that are 13 years old will play Juniors Division with 14 year-olds being the “swing”; age that are eligible to play in either the Juniors Division or the Seniors Division.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Juniors or Seniors division representative

Challenger Division - Little league is truly for everyone. If you have a son or daughter from age 5 to 18 who is developmentally, physically, or mentally challenged, Little League has a wonderful “Challenger” program, which may provide your child a great opportunity to play baseball in a fun, stress free environment. If you would like more information about this program, please contact the President .

League AgeDivision
4 - 6T-Ball
6 - 7Rookies
7-8MAPs (Machine Pitch)
8-10Lower Minors
9-11Upper Minors

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