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All-Stars Selection Process

For information on how Regular Season Teams & Coaches are selected, click here.


STEP 1 Solicitation of Nominations. On or about May 1st, the President, either directly or through Division Representatives, will notify all current managers and coaches in the appropriate Divisions, of the opportunity to apply to manage an All Star Team, and the process for nominating themselves.

STEP 2 Eligibility to Manage in All Stars. Managers interested in Managing an All Star Team, may nominate themselves for the position of All Star Manager. To Manage an All-Star team, the candidate must be a Manager or Coach during the regular season in the league. 

All Star Managers should realize that they are making a significant commitment. They will be required to know and understand Little League International’s Rules pertaining to tournament play, substitutions, etc. In addition, they may likely be required to attend mandatory District, Sectional, Sub-Divisional, Regional and higher meetings. Finally, they will be expected to invest a significant amount of time and energy into making the All Star experience of the All Star players a great experience. This includes frequent practices, turning a group of players into a team, and a sometimes concentrated game schedules.

STEP 3 Nominations for All Star Manager. Manager candidates will submit, to the SRLL President, their name, the All Star team they wish to manage, the team and division they are currently Managing or Coaching, a synopsis of their experience coaching baseball and other youth sports, along with any other information they feel is pertinent and an assurance of their willingness to make the commitment necessary to manage All Stars.

STEP 4 Selection of All Star Managers. The President will evaluate All Star Manager candidates and select that candidate, who he or she believes will best represent SRLL, and who will provide the best experience for the All Star players. Criteria which will be considered, includes but is not limited to:

- Whether the Manager’s conduct and attitude show clear support for Little League principals;
- Compliance with SRLL Rules and Regulations, particularly safety rules;
- Whether the Manager has evidenced they are dynamic leader and know baseball;
- Whether the Manager treats players and others fairly and with respect;
- The Manager’s organizational skills and professionalism at the field;
- Parent and player feedback;
- De-selections and Manager ratings;
- Personal observations of the Manager by the President during the regular season;
- Feedback from the Division Representative, as well as other Managers and Coaches in the division;
- Attendance at coaching clinics;
- Number of years and experience in Managing and Coaching in SRLL;
- Previous experience in Managing/Coaching All-Stars, T.O.C.;
- Special skills, other coaching experience, background or experience; and
- Manager’s ability to commit the time needed to manage All-Stars.

STEP 5 Announcement of All Star Managers. At, before, or shortly after the All-Star Player selection meetings, the President shall announce his or her selection for the All Star Managers. After the All Star Managers have been selected, they are free to choose up to two coaches to assist them. In selecting persons to coach the All Star Team, All Star Managers are encouraged to select amongst the Managers and/or coaches from other teams in the Division.


STEP 1 Nomination Process. On or before April 24th, the President either directly or through Division Representatives, will contact all Managers in the Lower Minors through Juniors divisions via e-mail and/or other similarly effective means to request that these managers submit their All Star Nominees to their respective Division Representative, no later than May 1st. The president shall instruct the foregoing managers that they are to submit a list containing their nominees in the form of an Excel spread sheet, MSWord table, or similar format, and will include columns for:

Player’s Name Parent’s Name Parent’s E-Mail Parent’s ph. # Player’s League Age Player’s Date of Birth Player’s Division Player’s Team Name

A) Number of Players to Nominate. The President shall instruct managers that they are to nominate an appropriate number of players per age group. The exact number of players nominated by each team per age group may vary from year-to-year due to such factors as team numbers of teams, thus it is within the President’s discretion to set the number of players per team, per age group each season. 

B) Guidelines for Which Players to Nominate. Managers may arrive at their list of candidates in any manner which is fair, including a poll of the team’s players, discussions with coaches, etc. Candidates should possess a combination of skills and attitude, which make this player someone appropriate to have the honor of playing All Stars. Some factors which should be considered, include, offensive skills, defensive skills, a player’s skills at key positions such as pitcher or catcher, a player’s attitude, a player’s speed, a player’s availability and level of commitment for All Stars. Managers should consider whether a player on their team has a realistic chance to make the all star team before nominating him. A manager is advised not to nominate a player simply because he is allowed to nominate 3-4 players in a certain age category; the player must be viewed as suitably skilled to be considered. If a manager does not have the suggested number of qualified candidates, then he should nominate only those he feels meets the criteria.

C) Discussing the Commitment with Parents. All Stars is a significant commitment. Managers should feel free to speak to potential candidates’ parents to ensure they are able to commit to the All Star games and practices, through July. However, it is not the manager’s responsibility to determine each player’s availability. Players will be required to detail the dates they are unavailable in their commitment letter. If All Star Candidates have a commitment, which will take them away from All Star games or practices for a brief period, then this will simply be a factor in determining who is selected to the team, and the player can still be a candidate. However, if All Star candidates will miss the entire period, or perhaps even a significant period of All Star games, due to a long vacation, or travel ball commitments, they may not be eligible for All Stars or at a minimum, this will be a significant factor in the selection process. Again this is not the responsibility of the manager to determine when nominating.

STEP 2 Creation of Master Lists of All Star Player Candidates. The Division Representatives for Big League, Seniors, Juniors, Majors, Upper Minors and Lower Minors will review the lists of nominees in his or her division, looking for any anomalies, such as players who may have been mistakenly omitted (players sufficiently skilled, who were left off the list). If players have been omitted, the Division Rep. will speak to the player’s Manager and/or add this player to the list, depending upon the reason the player was left off the list (unavailability, ineligibility, attitude, oversight, etc.). The Division Rep. will then compile a single list for each All Star team in which players were nominated for their respective division, and submit this to the Player Agent. The Player Agent will then promptly combine these lists, and compile a single master list for each of the All Star Teams, including all the above-referenced information. These lists will be sent to the President and Vice President of Baseball, and all three will review the lists to ensure fairness and thoroughness. Once the lists are finalized and approved by all three, the Player agent will send these lists to appropriate Division Rep.’s and copy the President and VP of Baseball. The Division Rep.’s will then forward these lists to the Managers in his or her division, who will be voting (see below) for players to be selected to a particular All Star Team(s) (i.e., 8/9/10 vs. 9/10/11 vs. 10/11/12) with instructions that the Managers should take time to observe the other players in their division, as well as players nominated from lower divisions. Managers should observe each nominee during the remainder of the season.

STEP 3 All Star Commitment and Verification of Age & Residency.

A) SRLL Commitment Policy. It is the policy of SRLL, that in order to be eligible for All Stars, players must commit to SRLL All Stars, both in terms of the time commitment, and placing their SRLL All Star team commitment first over other sports. Nominees must be available for a significant, if not the entire amount of time required for All Star practices and games. This includes the All Star pre-tournament practice period from June 15th through approximately July 1, and the All Star Tournament games, which typically run from approximately July 1, through (at a minimum) August 1. As a minimum standard, candidates must commit to being available for nearly all of the All Star games from District through Sub-Divisional (approximately July 1st through approximately August 1st.) A player can miss a game or two, and they will not be deemed ineligible. However, a player who is going to miss significant games (defined as more than one week of games), or if they will effectuate an abandonment of their All Star team during this period (i.e. prolonged vacation, summer camps, leaving to play on another team and such) will be factors to consider as to whether or not they will be deemed ineligible. Thus, a player who will miss significant time during All Star games and practice time, or will effectuate an abandonment, will be ineligible, while a player who is going to only miss one week or less, will not be deemed ineligible (however, this may be a factor considered by managers in selecting the All Star team). Likewise, All Star nominees must agree to make SRLL All Stars their first priority over other sports, travel ball etc. As an example, choosing to play in a soccer or travel ball tournament the day of, or in the 24 hours leading up to a SRLL All Star game, would not be consistent with the level of commitment required to play SRLL All Stars.

Any questions regarding All Star nominee commitments should be addressed by parents to the Player Agent. However, the ultimate decision as to whether the player’s commitment is sufficient for selection will rest with the managers selecting the All Star players.

B) Commitment Letter/district 32 Verification of Age/residency. Once lists of all candidates have been compiled, the President & Player Agent, in conjunction with District 32, will schedule a day in May for parents and players to sign a SRLL All Star commitment letter, and for parents to submit originals and one copy of their proof of age (Birth Certificate) and three proofs of residency.

It is an honor to be nominated for All Stars, but playing All Stars takes a commitment of time and effort. Players and Parents will be required to sign a commitment letter verifying they understand and agree to this commitment. In addition, the commitment letter requires parents and players describe any dates or period of time they will not be available for All Stars, such as vacations, travel ball tournaments, or other commitments. Should a parent and/or player not list unavailability in order to increase the player’s chance to be selected to an All Star team, the player will automatically, and immediately be removed from the All Star team upon discovery of this, and will forfeit next season’s All Star eligibility. The commitment letter will indicate the above described minimum requirements for All Stars, and will indicate that players not meeting the minimum requirements are not eligible for SRLL All Stars. Players who meet the minimum requirements, but will be absent during some portion of practices or games, will be advised in this letter, that these absences will be considered factors in determining whether the candidate will be selected to the All Star team.

In addition to a signed commitment letter, parents must submit an original birth certificate, as well as a copy of this original. While SRLL will only keep the copy, the original must be presented in order to verify the authenticity of the copy.

In addition, parents must submit copies of three separate proofs of residency. For acceptable proofs of residency, please refer to Residency Eligibility Requirements found on page 15 of the Little League Baseball Official Regulations and Playing Rules (the green book given to all Managers) and the commitment letter itself. Please note, each proof of residency must be from a different one of the categories found at page 15 of the Rule book (i.e., three proofs of residency from the same category will not work).

A representative from District 32 will be on hand to sign off on proofs of age and residency at the May verification day event. No candidate may be selected to an All Star team until he or she has been pre-verified by District 32.

STEP 4 Player Selection - Overview. Opinions vary widely regarding who should, and who should not be selected to All Stars. Often parents, believing their child is more skilled than a player (particularly a Manager or coaches’ child), selected to the team, complain and/or do not believe the process is fair. Thus, it is most important that the All Star Player selection process be fair, and be designed to select the most qualified candidates, and that everyone understand how it works, and why it is set up the way it is.

A common assertion regarding All Star voting is to let the kids vote. However, when this has been done in the past, it has simply resulted in a popularity contest, with friends voting for friends, regardless of skill or attitude, and deserving players would thus be excluded because they are quiet or not as popular socially. Likewise, parents would be hard pressed to set aside their bias towards their own child. We do not utilize an umpiring force which would be likely to be knowledgeable regarding specific players’ skills, and since Board members are typically most knowledgeable only about the players in their own child’s division, having the Board vote on All Star player selections would not be the best way to assure that the most deserving players are selected. Thus, we have the people who know the players, and their skills the best, the team Managers in the player’s division, make the decision. We believe this process results in the most accurate and fair results.

Since Managers are entrusted with the decision regarding who is selected to the All Star team, they must be careful to be scrupulously fair, not to advocate too strongly for players simply because the player is his or her own son, or was on the Manager’s regular season team. Likewise, Managers should be sure to make sure all qualified players are given proper consideration. When selecting players for All Stars, criteria that should be considered, including, but is not limited to: Offensive skills, defensive skills, a player’s skills at key positions such as pitcher and catcher, a player’s attitude, a player’s speed, and a player’s availability and level of commitment for All Stars.

Wherever possible, blind voting should be utilized, to avoid any bias towards voting for children of Managers present at the selection meeting. It is important, that at no time, will the Managers know how many votes a nominee receives, unless the nominee receives the number of votes necessary to be selected. For instance, early on, only nominees receiving unanimous support will be announced. Later, nominees receiving one vote less than unanimous approval may be announced, and so on, until the team is selected. The goal here, is to allow the voting to be blind, thus insuring Manager’s choices, and reducing the pressure on Managers to vote for the children of other Managers present in the room.

It will be the role of the Player Agent and President, to insure that the process is fair, that all nominated and eligible players are being considered, and that the most managers are genuinely seeking to select the most deserving players.

A) Player Selection Meetings & Attendance at Same. The President and Player Agent will schedule All Star Selection Meetings, at a date, times, and location of his choosing. These meetings can take place on a single day, or over more than one day. All Star Player Selection Meetings will be held in the first week-to-15 days of May. The All Star Player selection meetings will be scheduled so that the 10/11/12 Year Old Team gets priority followed by the 8/9/10 Year Old Team (2nd priority) then the 9/10/11 year old team. The Juniors and Intermediate All Star Teams will be selected last. The participants of those meetings will include the President, the Player Agent, and the Vice President of Baseball, as well as the following:

Juniors Division All-Star selection: The Division Rep. for the particular division and the appropriate Managers.

Intermediate Division All-Star selection: The Division Rep. for the particular division and the appropriate Managers.

10/11/12-Year Old All Stars (Little League All-Stars) selection: The Majors Division Rep. and the appropriate Majors Managers.

9/10/11-Year Old All-Star selection: Majors Division Rep., Upper Minors Division Rep., and the appropriate Majors Managers.

8/9/10 Year Old All-Star selection: Upper Minors Division Rep., Lower Minors Division Rep., and the appropriate Upper Minors Managers.

Team Creation Priority

1. Little League All Stars (10/11/12 Division)
2. 8-10 Division All Stars
3. 9-11 Division All Stars
4. Intermediate All Stars
5. Juniors Division All Stars

In addition, if by the time of the foregoing meetings, the President has made his or her selection regarding the All Star Manager, and if this person is not a Manager present (i.e., is a Coach), the President at his option may also invite this person, in order that he or she can give input. However, this person would not vote if they were not a regular season Manager. The manager must make every effort to attend this meeting however, if a Manager cannot attend same, he or she may designate a substitute from amongst the coaches on his or her team to attend in place of the Manager. This substitute shall have all the Manager’s voting rights. If the President, Player Agent or Vice President of Baseball is a voting Manager (Or their child is being considered for a specific team), they will not be permitted to see/count the blind votes, and will not take part in deciding any deadlocks.

B) Player Selection - Procedures. Initially, the Managers should make a preliminary decision regarding how many players will be selected to a particular All Star team (this is non-binding, as circumstances could cause this to change, but this helps give everyone an idea of the ultimate goal).

Managers must also determine in advance, whether there are players, for whom a compelling reason for their being considered for playing up on an older All Star team exists. To be considered for playing up, a player would have to present a realistic chance of impacting the older team’s chances to win the District All Star tournament. If the foregoing criteria are not met, the player should play on his age appropriate team, when nothing is likely to be gained competitively by having the player play up.

Prior to any discussion of merits regarding players, through a blind vote, a 1st ballot vote will be taken, where all Managers vote for the number of players equal to the number determined will be on the team. Any players selected unanimously on this ballot will be deemed to have been selected to the team.

Thereafter, the Managers may, if they wish, discuss the remaining candidates from their own team, as well as other teams, who they feel should, or should not be selected to the All Star team at issue. Thereafter, a 2nd ballot will be taken, and any unanimously selected players, will be placed on the All Star team. This process will be continued until a team is selected, or progress is no longer being made. At the point progress is no longer being made, the President. Player Agent and Vice President of Baseball will determine whether to drop the number of votes necessary to elect, to a lesser majority or even 50% vote. In addition, the President, Player Agent and Vice President can determine whether to assign a cut-off (i.e., that any player on a particular ballot, not receiving a certain percentage of the vote, is eliminated from consideration), or other steps designed to break any deadlocks. Ultimately, if the Managers cannot decide in a reasonable period of time, the President, Player Agent and Vice President will select any remaining spots, from amongst the remaining top vote getters, by a blind vote, to be counted by the Division Rep. If a tie still remains, the Player Agent will decide who is selected. In the event the player agent is a manager within this division the decision will fall to the disinterested President or VP of Operations.

C) Supplying All Star Uniforms, Equipment, and Practice Fields. At or soon after the All Star Player Selection meeting, All Star Managers will be provided with the All Star uniforms for his or her team, practice shirts, two dozen tournament caliber baseballs, and Stars for hanging on player’s doors. These will be provided by the Equipment Manager and Uniform Coordinator, to the President, who will in turn provide same to the All Star Managers he or she selects. All Star Managers will utilize their regular season game bags and 1st aid kits. In addition, All Star Managers will be notified of any mandatory meetings or events they must attend.

D) Notifying Players of Their Selection. Under Little League Rules, Players chosen for an All Star team cannot be told or notified before June 15th. Doing so, is grounds for Little League disqualifying all the league’s All Star teams from post –season play. Typically, this happens when a disgruntled parent of a player who was not selected, report the early announcement to Little League International. Thus, all Players selected, will be notified by the relevant All-Star Manager, and their names posted on the website, on June 15th. Please note, District 32 has given SRLL permission to have the All Star Manager hang Stars on the selected player’s doors, on or before the evening of June 14th. All Star Managers are requested to continue this SRLL tradition.

Additional Teams / Divisions

9U "Future Stars" and 8U MAPS "Little Stars" Teams

Little (MAPS) and Future (9u) Stars teams are handpicked based on nominations from division managers. While not technically 'All-Stars' from the Little League Organization standpoint, these players embody the pinnacle of talent, sportsmanship, and teamwork within SRLL.

Each season, two Little Stars (MAPS) teams, comprising 12 players each, are chosen to showcase SRLL's finest in a single tournament. To form these teams, managers nominate their top players, creating a pool of approximately 30 candidates. Subsequently, all managers convene to assist in selecting the final two LS teams, distinguished as Red and Blue.

Similarly, two Future Stars (9u) teams, each consisting of 12 players, are selected to represent SRLL in the season-ending tournament. One team comprises 9u players from the Upper Minors division, while the other comprises those from the Lower Minors division. In cases where there's a shortage of league-age 9-year-olds in Upper Minors, players from Lower Minors are selected to complete the roster. The process involves managers nominating their standout players, followed by a collective decision-making session to finalize the teams.

Managers interested in leading LS or FS teams must submit applications to the SRLL president, VP Baseball Operations, and Division Representative. Selection criteria include managerial experience, rapport within the division, eligibility of a deserving player, and discretion of the SRLL Board.

Consideration is given to qualities such as sportsmanship, attitude, availability for tournaments, and skill level. The ultimate aim is to assemble the strongest possible teams to represent SRLL in the annual tournament.

Leading up to the tournament, both LS and FS teams undergo several practice sessions, serving as a precursor to the competitive All-Star teams that will emerge in future seasons.

Regular Season

For information on how Regular Season Teams & Coaches are selected, click here.

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