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Scripps Ranch Little League Scorekeeping Guide

Purpose: Scorekeeping provides an official record of the game and assists umpires and managers in keeping track of score and plays during the game. More importantly, we keep score to build a record of how many games a player plays (for All-Stars eligibility), ensure Fair Play rules compliance, and adherence to pitch count / Catcher/Pitcher rules. Statistics generated in GameChanger are from a limited sample set and should not be weighted too heavily.

GameChanger: This year, SRLL will use GameChanger as the official method for scoring games in MAPS through Intermediates Divisions. As an Admin for every team, the Chief Scorekeeper will schedule all games and make all schedule changes in GC. One scorekeeper, as an Admin for either team, will be required to keep score for each game. Typically the home team, but this should be determined prior to game start.

Lineups: It’s best for the manager or scorekeeper to set the batting order and first inning positions in GameChanger prior to the game. Otherwise, the scorekeeper can set the lineup at the field using the GC app. Both managers must provide lineup cards including last names and jersey numbers to the scorekeeper prior to the game. We recommend using the lineup card provided on the SRLL website.

During the Game:
-Check both team’s lineup plans for fair play rules – identify any issues before the game starts (try to avoid a problem before it occurs). During the game, record what actually happens, not what’s in the plan.
-There is a game timer available in settings, which you tap on to start at the first pitch.
-Have a green book handy, and download the local rules onto your tablet or phone.
-If you need to ask the umpire for a timeout while you catch up or sort something out, that is better than falling further behind.
-Don’t call out a batting out of order situation. In GameChanger, tap on the batter’s name, select “Skip to Different Batter” and select the batter at the plate.
-Change fielding positions at the beginning of each half inning according to who is on the field.
-Remember to change the pitcher in GC when there’s a pitching change mid-inning
-You can set pitching limit reminders in the settings
-To end a half inning after the 5 run limit, tap on the menu, select Manual Overrides, and End Half Inning

Errors: “A fielder is given an error if, in the judgment of the official scorer, he fails to convert an out on a play that an average fielder should have made.” –MLB
-In SRLL, an error will be recorded when a fielder fails to make a play as expected for the average player in that division, and his error results in a batter or runner reaching a base when they normally wouldn’t have.
*Exception: Errors will not be recorded in MAPS. Any time a batter reaches base, it will be scored as a hit. Extra bases achieved due to errors can be scored by dragging the runner to the next base and selecting “On Throw.”

Stolen Bases will be scored as followed:
-Wild Pitch when the ball gets past the catcher because it was a bad throw
-Passed Ball when the ball gets past the catcher because the catcher allowed it
-Defensive indifference when the catcher allows a steal to second because of a runner on third
-Stolen base when the runner beats the throw and/or the above conditions don’t apply

-Score balls, strikes, and fouls as required to reach the 5 pitch limit. Pitch counts don’t matter.
-No Errors. Please see above.

Lower Minors:
-If a coach comes in to pitch, create a player named Coach, substitute them in at pitcher, then substitute them back out. This keeps the actual pitcher’s pitch count accurate.

Other notes:
-Show up with sufficient battery life or bring a portable charger.
-Scorekeeping books are available in the sheds as a backup / emergency plan. Take a photo and submit it to the Chief Scorekeeper, or better yet, input the game yourself later.
-If both team’s scorekeepers score in GC, the most recent one to start scoring will be the live feed and official score. We can choose which version to accept at the end.
-GameChanger stats should remain set to “individual” for each team, so a player or parent can see their player’s stats, but not other players.

If you have questions please contact the SRLL Chief Scorekeeper.

GameChanger How To
SRLL Scorekeeping Guide

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