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Scripps Ranch Little League

Using the Team Manager App

Greetings Scripps Ranch Little League! 
          This year, we’ll be using Team Manager as our league’s official method of communication, scheduling, and game scoring.

Why?: Team Manager is a single app for messaging, scheduling, sharing photos, scorekeeping, and watching games.  It’s integrated with our SportsConnect system for building and updating schedules and teams, avoiding any confusion between schedules on the website, GameChanger, Shutterfly, or messages.  Even T-Ball and Rookies should use TM instead of Shutterfly or another app.  There are functions for COVID screening and even livestreaming the games, so you can watch the action remotely.

What’s the downside?: Each team will need to score their game independently.  TM scores exactly like GC, but we aren’t able to link the two teams together for a game.

What happens next?:

1.    Once teams are assigned, Coaches will download their teams from Sports Connect into Team Manager.  Coaches can build out practice schedules at this point.

2.    Parents/Players will Download the GameChanger Team Manager app for your mobile devices (it’s green).  If you have a GC login already, you should be able to use that for TM.  In any case, please use the email you used for registering with SRLL.

3.    You can delete the GC app if you’d like.  TM will look just like GC, but with many more features.

4.    Once the game schedules are set, they will automatically download to your app.  If games are cancelled or changed, these changes will push directly to your app.


For more information and specific instructions, please use the following links:

For Everyone:

What is GameChanger Team Manager?

Installing the App & Device Compatibility

User Profile

Inviting Additional Family Members

Integrating Your Personal Calendar

Viewing a GameStream

Viewing a Video Live Stream

Sharing Photos and Videos


For Managers and Scorekeepers:

Importing Your Team from Sports Connect

Opponent Roster Import

Starting Lineups

Pitch Counts

Game Clock

Scorekeeping and Stats

Player Position Tracking

Editing Past Plays

Finalizing Games

Creating a Live Video Stream  -Make sure you have unlimited data and a full battery

Tips To Get Started With Video Streaming

Please let me know if you have further questions or issues.  I can help.  
Thank you,
-Billy Walsh
[email protected]

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