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Annual Padres Day & Parade 4/16/23. More info coming soon!

Scripps Ranch Little League

Spring 2022 Opening Day Festivities

SRLL 2022 Opening Day Team Picture Schedule

Sunday, February 27 at Jerabek Park

All SRLL teams will have their picture taken on Opening Day. The players should be in full uniform (hat, jersey, pants, belt and socks). If you haven't received your uniform yet, don't worry! You'll receive it in time for your team picture.

If you have a team banner, please bring it to display in your team photo.

You can find your team's assigned picture time below. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled picture time.

Last updated: Friday, February 25 at 8:04pm (revision 4)

T-Ball   Wolves (Burningham)   11:40am
   Brown Bat Breakers (Cook)  11:20am
   The Ninjas (Garrett)  9:00am
   The Dirts (Gorman)  9:40am
   Flaming Fireballs (Landau)  11:20am
   Scripps Ranch Bombers (Madrid)  1:40pm
   Golden Tigers (Osentowski)  9:20am
   Dragon Warriors (Quon)  9:40am
   Team Chicken Nuggets (Shaw)  11:40am
   The Scripps Ranch Sharks (Skehan)  1:20pm
Rookies  Golden Rattlesnakes (August)  8:00am
   Blair  8:00am
   Pythons (Collins)  8:40am
   The Dark Knights (Granum)  8:20am
   Saber Tooth Tigers (MacFarlane)  1:00pm
   Extreme Sandstorms (Morris)  9:40am
   Bulldogs (Parham)  1:20pm
   Invisible Jaguars (Rios)  1:20pm
   Sharks (Romero)  9:20am
   Rocket Snakes (White)  9:20am

 MAPS  Camo Crushers (Bidermann)  8:20am
   Baby Yodas (Jones)  8:40am
   Slam Diego Padres (Madrid)  1:00pm
   Dragons (Pearsall)  8:40am
   Golden Eagles (Shah)  12:40pm
   Golden Snipers (Watrous)  1:00pm
   Golden Falcons (Williams)  8:40am
 Lower Minors  Trash Pandas (Cary)  8:00am
   Christman  8:20am
   Falcons (Hagan)  11:40am
   Titans (Hanvey)  12:20pm
   Terrifying Tortillas (Lum)  8:20am
   Storm (Miller)  9:00am
   Los Churros (Shimek)  12:20pm
   Desert Destroyers (Zumwalt)  12:40pm
 Upper Minors  STORM (Behrooznia)  12:20pm
   Demarest  11:40am
   Green  12:40pm
   Murphy  12:40pm
   Reuter  1:00pm
   Smyth  8:00am
 Majors  Cardinals (Barat)  11:20am
   Cubs (Farrell)  9:00am
   Twins (Kenis)  11:20am
   White Sox (Linaugh)  11:20am
   Giants (Wooten)  12:20pm
 Intermediate  Hamilton  9:00am
   Reuter  9:20am
   Walsh  9:40am
 Challenger  Aguilar  9:00am

Teams may swap picture times. However, all changes must be agreed upon by both teams and reported to Patty Gee [email or call/txt (858) 442-9202].

All schedule changes must be complete no later than Thursday, February 24.

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