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2024 All Star & Postseason Teams

We're excited to announce the players, managers and coaches for our 2024 All-Star & Postseason Teams! These exceptional young athletes have shown remarkable skills, teamwork, attitude and sportsmanship throughout the season. Their achievements demonstrate the incredible talent and bright future of youth baseball. 

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How Are Teams Selected?

Selecting our All-Star teams is one of the most challenging tasks we face each year. With over 400 eligible players across 5 divisions to choose from, the process requires substantial time, effort, and collaboration. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a casual decision made by a few individuals. The selection process involves every Manager, Division Rep and several additional Board Member positions. Assistant Coaches may provide input to their Managers as well. The selection of Managers & Coaches is an equally involved process. The entire process begins almost 2 months before the final announcements are made. 

We adhere strictly to a comprehensive set of guidelines to ensure fairness and transparency. These guidelines can be reviewed in detail on our website:

We understand that this can be a sensitive and emotional time for players and parents alike. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don't hesitate to contact us. Your understanding and support are greatly appreciated as we strive to make this process as fair and thorough as possible.

Now, let's get on with the show . . .  Congratulations, and #GOSCRIPPS!!!

Junior All Stars

R. Arendsen
K. Barat
L. Beer
J. Dooly
H. Kenis
M. Kinnerup
L. Lum
D. Naylor
B. Perkins
E. Saipe
G. Schultz
S. Super
A. Trotter

Manager: Dave Perkins
Coaches: Adam Beer, Ryan Kinnerup

Intermediate (50/70) All Stars

B. Bristow
H. Gleason
A. Kolk
E. Marshall
L. Miller
A. Ragus
L. Sachs
W. Slapnicka
C. Taschner
A. Tinoco
A. Tinoco
J. Ueno

Manager: Lance Taschner
Coaches: Al Taschner, Blake Taschner

Major / Intermediate All Division Teams

Red Team

S. Abramson
R. Behrooznia
G. Bezy
K. Booth
J. Chou
N. Harenski 
T. Lacy
W. Lindstrom
L. Miller
M. Pease
J. Pitiquen
J. Schrieber
N. Yu

Manager:Rasheed Behrooznia

Blue Team

A. Babka
R. Bezy
N. Coppola
J. Dooley
J. Dunbar
M. Gall
R. Gogoi
H. Kalkin
L. Keith
P. Kye
M. Mantis
K. McKerry
A. Rahkholia

Manager: Jeff Kalkin

Little League (Major, 10-11-12) All Stars

N. Ardissone
S. Arendsen
T. Barat
J. Carter
E. Hancock
N. Lacey
G. LaFleur
J. Lattarulo
S. Morton
C. Murphy
T. Smyth
K. Wingate

Manager: Avi Barat
Coaches: Tommy Hancock, Brian Lacey, Don Ardissone

9-10-11 Year-Old All Stars

A. Carelli
D. Cho
E. Gerken
N. Green
A. Jones
B. Lee
E. Lorrain
D. Reuter
L. Richardson
R. Serra
C. Shatzko
E. Shimek

Manager:Matt Green
Coaches: Scottie Lee, Greg Gerken, Mike Jones

8-9-10 Year-Old All Stars

T. Balastrieri
D. Barnhardt
B. Caballero
R. Chou
J. Cornelissen
C. Hansen
T. Hanvey
L. Koba
E. Lum
E. Mandalia
L. Morton
M. Shimek
D. Watrous

Manager: Mike Shimek
Coaches: Chester Hanvey, Bobby Koba, Allan Lum

Upper Minors All Division Teams

Red Team

A. Adam
S. Dowling
W. Dunbar
C. Laco
M. Martinez
R. Robinson
J. Rohling
N. Saldivar
E. Shiroff
D. Toth
S. Watkins-Romaine
H. Williams

Manager: Ryan Williams
Coaches: Mike Beringhaus, Christian Saldivar

Blue Team

B. Berger
J. Harrison
B. Keith
C. Laverty
A. Peppler
L. Ra
R. Rowe
B. Savary
H. Silverberg
S. Ward
E. Wellington
N. Werner

Manager: Scott Savary
Coaches: Devon Ward, Kevin Werner

9U "Future Stars" Tournament Teams

Red Team

M. Asuelo
C. Cesaire
C. Chapman
A. Gerken
C. Gloff
T. Gwynn
S. Jones
J. Liu
C. Mangiapane
E. Pearsall
R. Regedanz
N. Richardson

Manager: Greg Gerken
Coaches: Matt Pearsall, Mike Jones

Blue Team

G. August
L. Bidermann
C. Blair
A. Brooks
A. Granum
B. Hom
R. Keith
M. King
M. Lattarulo
B. MacFarlane
M. Roach
O. Scudieri
C. Twu

Manager: Scott MacFarlane
Coaches: Steve Bidermann, Aaron Blair, Matt Brooks

Lower Minors All Division Teams

Red Team

J. Balentine
J. Davis
J. DeHart
A. Detchemendy
M. Dychter
C. Karpow
A. Kumar
K. Mazza
L. Poplin
Z. Salda
M. Schellhase
L. White

Manager: Viraaj Kumar
Coaches: Rob Balentine

Blue Team

M. Cagaanan
E. Gaudreau
S. Horosewski
I. Juvera
H. Karpow
R. Keith
S. Martynowski
I. New
D. Patacsil
A. Ra
D. Reading
D. Torres-church
T. Yusypchuk

Manager: Joey Martynowski
Coach: Jason Yusypchuk

MAPS "Little Stars" Teams

Red Team

M. Carrasco
H. Frank
A. Goldman
N. Mansir
D. Nocella
X. Romero
T. Schulze
J. Shen-Bell
T. Spriggs
J. Thai
D. Ueno
T. Watrous

Manager: Jamie Nocella
Coaches: Tri Thai, Michael Frank

Blue Team

A. Berney
B. Buntin
J. Collins
N. Cordero
E. Meyer
O. Miller
C. Perryman
D. Santos
A. Spooner
P. Stanton
J. Stepien
C. Werner

Manager: John Perryman
Coaches: Eric Stepien, Brandon Miller

MAPS All Division Teams

Red Team

C. Berger
D. Booth
C. Brown
A. Cooper
M. Gertsman
J. Godsparec
W. Gressel
C. Kearns
T. Lee
H. Morgan
K. Morris
W. Ross

Manager: Tri Thai

Blue Team

B. Blumberg
K. Bristol
C. Cook
C. Gelin
R. Haddow
B. Hyatt
M. Jadhav
S. Joshi
S. Pandit
G. Quon
N. Ramsinghani
N. Weksel

Manager:Ethan Cook

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